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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Sandra Smith  FOX News  May 22, 2019 6:00am-9:00am PDT

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>> impeachment frenzy sweeping over washington at this hour. on capitol hill speaker nancy pelosi facing mounting pressure to take action while over at the white house president trump is firing back on twitter. good morning, everyone. i'm sandra smith. >> eric: good morning. good to be with you. i'm eric shawn in for bill hemmer this morning. more than two dozen democrats are on record saying it is time to start impeachment proceedings. you know calls are intensifying after don mcgahn blew off the subpoena request yesterday. >> sandra: reaction still pouring in. >> i see a lot more people
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saying impeachable offenses occurred and an impeachment inquiry. there has been stonewalling by the administration. >> we're doing the right thing by investigating. our task is to educate before we activate. >> eric: would you like them to start impeachment? >> it's a process and something that should be done. >> i think it's appropriate. >> do you really believe he obstructed justice as a member of the house or member of the senate as a democrat, then do something about it. >> sandra: all of this drama building just hours before president trump is scheduled to meet with both nancy pelosi and chuck schumer. that's happening two hours from now. >> eric: what a meeting that will be. team fox news coverage for you on all this this morning.
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former congressman jason chaffetz standing by with reaction. let's beginning at the white house where garrett tenney is on the north lawn. >> good morning to you. the dynamics are always interesting to see when the president meets with senator chuck schumer and speaker nancy pelosi. that will be especially true today. in a couple of hours when they meet, right now nancy pelosi is meeting with the entire house democratic caucus to discuss strategy on oversight of the trump administration into the growing calls by her members to begin impeachment proceedings. president trump fired off a string of tweets this morning about the democrats' investigation saying everything the democrats are asking me for is based on illegally started investigation that failed for them when the mueller report came back with a no collusion finding. now they say impeach president trump even though he did nothing wrong while they fish. this past hour white house press secretary sarah sanders said democrats are spending more time going after the president than they are trying to get things done for the
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american people. >> there is no basis whatsoever for impeachment. the mueller report was conclusive. there was no collusion, there was no obstruction. it is time to move forward and get some stuff done. >> the push for impeachment got a shot in the arm yesterday when don mcgahn refused to testify before the house judiciary committee. he likely will not be the last former administration official to do that. the committee has now issued subpoenas to hope hicks and annie donaldson, don mcgahn's chief of staff and her notes showed up a number of times in mueller's report. if they refuse to testify you can bet those calls for impeachment will gain even more momentum. one concern among democratic leadership about launching the impeachment process it will consume everything happening in d.c. and stop them from being able to work on their larger legislative goals including a massive infrastructure plan and
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that's the basis of the meeting later today in a couple hours from now between the president, senator schumer as well as speaker pelosi. >> eric: we're on all this this morning throughout the show. >> sandra: a lot to dig into there. for more let's bring in former utah congressman jason chaffetz. we know democrats are meeting right now. nancy pelosi says there is no division within her party. we know there are more than a dozen democrats pushing for impeachment proceedings to begin on this president. >> well, nobody believes that speaker pelosi what she said yesterday was accurate. there is division within the ranks there. you have a lot of younger members who want to pick these fights. i have to tell you, democrats are a party where they've reached conclusions and now they're in search of facts and picking some very stupid fights. fights that they cannot win in the courts and fights i don't think they'll be able to win with the american people. >> sandra: meanwhile a couple hours from now we know that nancy pelosi will then be in a
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meeting with chuck schumer and the president at the white house. what comes from that? >> the optics of that will be great. i love it when donald trump asks them to keep the cameras rolling. schumer and pelosi won't want that. donald trump the president will want that. to show the contrast and the difference. the problem with pelosi that she is trying to deal with is these renegade members who live in a bubble that is not reflective of the american people. it distracts from the presidential race and from their agenda. i don't think with the thriving economy the democrats have anything to offer the american people other than the perception of chaos. >> sandra: quite a show yesterday on capitol hill, wasn't it, when chairman jerry nadler made it clear where he stands on his subpoena for former white house counsel don mcgahn who did not show up at that hearing.
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here is jerry nadler yesterday. >> when this committee issues a subpoena, even to a senior presidential advisor, the witness must show up. our subpoenas are not optional. >> it's a line that i actually used often. i got the issue subpoenas and i said subpoenas aren't optional. guess what? against the general counsel for the president of the united states? they enjoy executive privilege. i never issued a subpoena because i knew it would be a loser in court. what in addition -- nadler is laughable to anybody who understands the law. he wants the messaging to be out there that the trump administration is not making itself available and holding something back. you don't see general counsels for presidents appearing before congress. name one that has happened. it hasn't.
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he knows it and he is presiding over a clown show that is laughable to anybody who understands the process. >> sandra: "wall street journal" editorial board this morning writing don mcgahn immunity. why congress can't force white house counsel to testify and he has every constitutional right not to appear and this isn't even a close legal call writes the editorial board at the "wall street journal." breaking news. democrats are in the closed door meeting on investigations and how to proceed with impeachment apparently. we'll see what comes out of that and what's happening on capitol hill. steve mnuchin is testifying under oath right now and was asked about the president's tax returns. this is a live shot on capitol hill where he is being questioned about the president's tax returns, jason. he said under oath that he has never -- this is just coming into us -- talked to anyone at the white house or to the president about handing over tax returns to congress.
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he did address that i.r.s. memo saying he had a chance to look at it which was the request to do so saying he does not believe the memo contradicts his conclusion that congress needs a legitimate legislative purpose to see those tax returns saying the memo addresses a different issue. i want to get your thoughts as we learn more out of that hearing room. >> so it's referred to on capitol hill as 6103 material. that's the statute. and the statute was put into place so that the i.r.s. was not used as a political tool to grab people's tax returns and then embarrass them or do what they want to do politically and that's why the statute is there. the secretary is reading the statute right. there is no legitimate legislative purpose and therefore the secretary does not need to provide donald trump's personal tax returns, which aren't required by law, to be able to give it to the ways and means committee. it is so over the top for the
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democrats to even ask for this. and there is a reason why congress in the past have insisted it not happen. >> sandra: it's a busy morning on capitol hill. the white house a big meeting happening, here in "america's newsroom," we appreciate it. jason chaffetz. thank you. as i mentioned we have a packed show this morning as the impeachment story continues throughout the morning. congressman jim jordan will be joining us 30 minutes from now. former white house press secretary sean spicer will also join us. he is our headliner this morning next hour and texas senator john cornyn will be here as well coming up on "america's newsroom." >> eric: we have a lot this morning. moments from now we'll hear from acting secretary of homeland security set to testify before the house homeland security committee. we're learning this morning that the border patrol has stopped taking migrants at the country's largest processing center. that in texas because of the spread of the flu. casey stiegel live in dallas
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with that. hi, casey. >> that center is down in mcallen, texas. we know it well, the rio grande valley of south texas where apprehensions are among the highest along the southern border. this giant warehouse turned detention/processing facility known as the kennel to migrants because it is packed and alleged inhumane conditions according to the migrants. the facility is designed to hold 1500 people. customs and border protection officials tell us well over 2400 have been crammed in. now federal agents say they've stopped taking in new people there because, quote, many migrants at the facility are said to be experiencing flu-like symptoms. they wouldn't give us an exact number of migrants who have fallen ill. it comes two days after a teen who had been held at that facility died at a different location after he was diagnosed
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with the flu. he was 16 years old and from guatemala. so a quarantine has been implemented to prevent further spread. cbp officials say apprehensions will have to be diverted to different facilities that are also overcrowded until this situation is under control. the feds say that in recent months they have seen a pretty big influx in the number of children in particular arriving at the u.s./mexico border down there that have a host of illnesses, fevers as high as 105°, and with that particular location, eric, border patrol agents back at the beginning of april said that they had already used their 12 1/2 million dollar budget and they requested 12 1/2 million more. >> eric: thanks. we'll be looking into this issue coming up. >> sandra: fox news alert from syria where the trump administration is issuing a strong new warning to bashar
6:12 am
al-assad as it claims there are new signs he is planning another chemical weapons attack. plus this. >> i hope it works. i hope the iranians understand that we will hold them liable for any attack on american inside iraq or anything else directed by their government. >> eric: a warning of military response with iran attacks u.s. forces or our allies. national security officials say the u.s. does not want a war with tehran. congressman michael mccaul joins us straight ahead. >> sandra: north korea issuing its own warning to the united states. what the regime's u.n. ambassador says will happen if its cargo ship is not returned. congressman john garamendi will be joining us on that. and it really shows. with all that usaa offers why go with anybody else? we know their rates are good, we know that they're always going to take care of us. it was an instant savings and i should have changed a long time ago. it was funny because when we would call
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return. california democratic congressman john garamendi joins us now, a member of the house armed services committee. i was at the news conference yesterday by the ambassador from north korea. he said we're gangster-like and blames us for doing something illegal. but this is done under the u.n. sanctions. >> exactly right. the illegal part was being done by north korea, no doubt about that. the seizure of the ship was perfectly legal, the appropriate thing to do. we seem to be back to the huffing and puffing and threatening that north korea was so famous for over the last 40 years. where are we going from here? we'll continue to make sure those sanctions are in place, that north korea has a very clear understanding that they cannot get away with their continuation of threatening south korea, the united states and others. >> eric: this seizure of this ship was apparently taking coal -- exporting coal illegally from north korea when we boarded it, it is now in
6:17 am
america samoa. why is it significant we're striking at the heart of the financial system that keeps kim jong-un afleet. >> the ability to get foreign exchange money for the export of coal. bottom line is these sanctions are meant to impose pressure on north korea to honestly negotiate dealing with their nuclear weapons and other threats they've made to countries around them. including the united states. >> eric: should we do more? there is the brink act, the otto warmbier backing regulation in the senate, an effort to go after the banks, specifically the chinese banks supporting kim's financial structure. would you support that bill? >> yes, i would. there is no doubt that china and russia are continuing to support north korea sometimes in violation of the sanctions
6:18 am
that they have agreed to and the united nations has imposed upon north korea. so china needs to be very much reined in on their support and russia the same way. as long as those countries continue to go around the sanctions north korea will be reluctant to engage in honest negotiations. those negotiations are extremely important. >> eric: what should the president say to kim next time they have a communication? >> well, i would recommend that the communications take place at the -- at a lower level, at the secretary of state and others, go into the details, high-level negotiations such as kim jong-un and trump are good but it won't get to the heart of the problem. we have to get into the detail of negotiations and that's where the hard labor needs to be done by both the united
6:19 am
states and others negotiating on the part of the united states with the appropriate people in north korea so that the foundation is laid for whatever the next summit might be. >> eric: congressman, i guess they're moving stuff there. maybe it's part of that impeachment meeting because we can hear it in the background. finally your thoughts on whether or not members of your party will move to potential impeachment. what do you suggest, should they? >> no, not right now. what we need to do is get the hearings underway. mueller and others that are in the mueller report that have participated in that, they need to testify publicly in open so the american people can understand the details, and what was in the mueller report. keep in mind there were 10 instances that mueller laid out of potential obstruction of justice. and also while there may have been no collusion stated by
6:20 am
mueller, there nonetheless was very serious russian involvement in the 2016 election. we need to understand the details of that behind the redacted portions of that report. so that we can protect the american democracy and the 2020 election. so let's get it out into the public and get the details. will that eventually lead to an impeachment process? possibly, maybe not. but we need to understand the american people need to understand the fullness of the mueller report including those parts that are redacted that could be available, not including the grand jury testimony. >> eric: all right, congressman. we'll see what comes out of that meeting. thank you for joining us. >> sandra: more tornadoes slamming the plains states as twisters touchdown in oklahoma and flooding forces water rescues. we'll bring you the details on that pluses ka lateing tensions with iran as senior administration officials go on the record saying the u.s. does not want war.
6:21 am
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6:25 am
war with iran. tensions between the two countries are high. let's bring in congressman michael mccaul. good morning, to you. big hearing coming up at the top of the 10:00 eastern time hour on this. where do things stand at this point with iran? >> well, this came from threat streams that were reported that the top general in iran called upon his proxies to prepare for war. we have to take that seriously. since that time we saw several attacks in the region. we saw four vessels of our allies being hit in the persian gulf. we saw saudis being hit with drones and then i think most significantly we saw a rocket launched in the green zone about a mile away from our embassy in baghdad. so we take this threat seriously to our military and allies. and i think as the secretary of defense just stated. it is a measure of deterrence and defense to stop aggression
6:26 am
on the part of iran. i do think we're having some success right now. >> sandra: what are you hearing from top administration officials on this? we have heard that they do not want things to escalate. do not want war with iran. what are you hearing, congressman? >> that the intention is not to go to war. i talked to bolton and pompeo. this is not our intention. i think that's being overblown. the intention is to protect our troops over there. certainly if our troops are hit by iranian forces we will respond with full force in retaliation. but let's hope that doesn't happen. i think the goal here is to de-escalate the situation. by all accounts it appears the iranians now that they know we know. they are starting to back down from this threat. i think a lot of this, sandra, is caused by the maximum pressure campaign we put on
6:27 am
them. the sanctions we've levied on them have put them in such a desperate situation now that they're starting to respond in this fashion. >> sandra: depending who was in the room yesterday with the briefing from mike pompeo and pat shanahan you heard very different things. senator chris murphy, the democrat from connecticut after that briefing. >> briefing was all about tactics, not strategy. that's been our worry from the beginning. this blind escalation with the hope that the iranians will come to the table in the end when there is no effort to lay out a thoughtful, interdepartmental strategy for how this is ultimately going to wind up in a better deal. >> sandra: all about tactics, not about strategy said the senator. this is blind escalation. you both were in the same briefing yesterday and you've spoken with administration officials. how do you respond to that? >> this is about defending our allies and defending our military and troops in the region. i can't imagine anybody being against that.
6:28 am
in fact, secretary pompeo said my god, if we were attacked over there i hope you in congress would support a response to that. i don't think the effort is to escalate this at all. it is to the contrary, to de-escalate. i think overall policy-wise secretary pompeo laid out 12 points that he would like the iranians to achieve to bring this conflict to a resolution. >> sandra: i know i have to let you go because before you go to that 10:00 hearing, a couple minutes from now you'll stop in at the immigration briefing. we know that the acting dhs secretary will be updating you. what do you expect to come from that? >> i think the democrats will be highly critical as they always are and not productive. i have my -- we have to solve this problem. this migration problem is out of control and everybody knows that. that's what we'll be talking to them about are constructive ways, how can we work together
6:29 am
to get this done? because it is a crisis. i live in texas. and i see it firsthand. >> sandra: congressman mike mccaul, you have a busy morning. thank you for stopping in to "america's newsroom" first. >> eric: the u.s. state department putting syria on notice at this hour. the trump administration promising swift action if it can confirm the assad regime was behind another chemical attack there. >> sandra: the man known as the american taliban set to be released from prison tomorrow three years early. so has justice been served? we're live with reaction to that next. get the recipes at itso chantix can help you quit "slow turkey."
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6:33 am
flooding across oklahoma. rivers as you can see are rising sparking many high water rescues. there has been torrential rains, damaging wind, large hail and flash flooding all across our heartland. >> sandra: horrible situation there. a lot of rescues still taking place. you saw that rescue there. two little kids sitting on that boat. it's a horrible situation. we're watching it for you. meanwhile fox news alert on this strong warnings from syria from the united states. the state department saying there are signs the assad regime has used chemical weapons on its own people again citing a chlorine gas attack last weekend. trey yengst is live for us this morning. >> that's right. the trump administration is reviewing new information to determine whether or not syrian president bashar al-assad used chemical weapons in a recent round of attacks on sunday
6:34 am
across the country of syria. we are getting new information indicating that these reports of an attack happened near the northern syrian city of -- they've taken an offensive against rebel forces killing 150 people and displacing hundreds of thousands more. if the chemical attack is confirmed the state department says there will be a quick and appropriate response. the trump administration has targeted syria with tomahawk missiles twice. the president wanting to send a message to bashar al-assad that chemical weapon use will not be tolerated. the recent escalation in northern syria follows a month-long cease-fire. in september the cease-fire was taking place. moving forward they're trying to implement a new one. you can hear the fear of voices of civilians cross in the crossfire. one boy saying we were caught and remained there for two weeks and left to another city.
6:35 am
then the helicopter bombed us with barrel bombs. the last rebel stronghold with three million civilians and concern if fighting breaks out there could be a large number of civilian casualties. >> sandra: thank you very much, trey, on the breaking news on that. >> eric: a look at capitol hill where acting dhs secretary kevin mcleanian is testifying before the house homeland security committee as customs and border patrol halts admissions at the largest processing center in our country after a 16-year-old boy from guatemala died after coming down with the flu. the white house urging congress to act now. >> this is exactly what the president has been talking about and exactly what he is trying to prevent. the president and his administration requested funding, supplemental funding just two weeks ago to help with the humanitarian crisis at the
6:36 am
border. democrats have still failed to do that. unfortunately this problem is going to get worse before it gets better. >> eric: joining us now president of the national border patrol counsel brandon judd. it is tragic another young person has died but there is a potential health crisis down there. how bad is it? >> absolutely, in fact i'm working at that center right now. i'm scheduled to go in tonight for a midnight shift. we're seeing overcrowding like we've never seen before. when you have overcrowding people and holding people for six days without showers and without proper facilities, bedding facilities and so on, you will have problems like this. if congress doesn't step up to give us the funding we need we'll continue to see these issues arise and have serious tragedies while they're in our custody.
6:37 am
>> who dropped the ball? >> it's congress. if you look at where we have to put these individuals, we just don't have the bed spaces to transfer them to ice. ice can't take them off our hands because they don't have the bed spaces. we have to hold them in our custody for a lot longer than what we're supposed to hold them in our custody. there are certain things the administration needs to be taken to task on such as streamlining the processing. we've known this has been an issue for quite a while. there are certain things that we can do and frankly dhs has been slow to react to that. hopefully they'll react a little quicker now. but frankly it shouldn't have taken this tragedy to force them to react. >> eric: you'll go in tonight on your shift. what type of precautions are you taking and the men and women you serve with? >> very little precautions we can take. we can put on ventilating masks but it doesn't do a lot. there is not a whole lot we can do. we're put in these situations. we have to work under these
6:38 am
conditions. there is nothing that we can do. it is not like these individuals can cross the border illegally and we can ignore they crossed. we have to take them into custody and put them in the facilities we have. those facilities are overcrowded. it is just something that we have to deal with and hope for the best. >> eric: how widespread are the illnesses and diseases. critics are saying it's overblown but there have been cases reported of mumps, measles and influenza. >> it's not as widespread as what some people would have you believe but it is more widespread than it needs to be. we've had five deaths in our custody within the last year. i realize a couple of those were actually when they were at the hospital but those diseases started while they were in our custody so five deaths essentially while they were in our custody. that's five too many. and so when you look at this, if you say that we're holding 2500 people at the cpc and 50
6:39 am
of them have serious diseases, some people would say that's a small percentage. most people would say that's just not acceptable. and frankly it's not acceptable especially when, if they -- if these diseases aren't detected the moment they're brought into our processing facilities and they aren't detected when we release them. we're releasing these individuals into the american public with these diseases and we don't know what's going to happen from there. >> eric: we want all the men and women who serve with you to take care and when you show up later tonight and want it to be addressed. thank you for joining us. >> sandra: nancy pelosi meeting with democrats behind closed doors right now as she faces mounting pressure to begin impeachment proceedings. >> this is clear violation of the constitution. there is no question that what he is doing and what the president is pushing him to do is unconstitutional. and it is our job in congress regardless of the politics to do the right thing by the
6:40 am
constitution. >> that is what democrats have to say. up next republican congressman jim jordan will be here to respond. >> i think they had a pattern all the time. we talked about this before. it was a corrupt of the top leadership who didn't like trump and didn't like the thought of a president trump and they were covering for themselves. this memorial day, start your summer off right in a new chevrolet. oh, wow!! it's time to upgrade. you guys out did yourselves there. i'm gonna go and get a chevy. an exciting summer begins at your chevy dealer. and now, during the chevy memorial day sales event, get 0% financing for 72 months on these select chevy models. or current gm owners can get thirty two fifty total cash allowance on this colorado. find new roads at your local chevy dealer.
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>> let me be clear, this committee will hear mr. mcgahn's testimony even if we have to go to court to secure it. we will not allow the president to prevent the american people from hearing from this witness. we will not allow the president to block congressional subpoenas putting himself and his allies above the law. >> sandra: chairman jerry nadler yesterday on former white house don mcgahn's refusal to comply with a subpoena. right now speaker pelosi is meeting behind closed doors with democrats as the impeachment push continues on capitol hill. joining us now congressman jim
6:44 am
jordan ranking member of the house oversight committee. good morning. what can you tell us about your democratic colleagues in the house and their willingness to proceed with impeachment proceedings? >> i think they've already started, they just won't formally declare it. there are secret memorandums of understanding, secret memos on the various chairman to coordinate their attack on the president. you'll do this, we'll do this. we'll share certain information. a coordinated effort to take down the president. i think they've already started. they won't formally declare it. at some point they'll probably do it. the american people know it's not justified and won't succeed. i don't think the democrats can help themselves. remember, after all in the very first day of congress they introduced articles of impeachment. so they've been determined to get here and started they haven't formally stated that's what they're up to. >> sandra: you echo a sentiment from the president.
6:45 am
the democrats are on a fishing expedition. collins saying democrats are trying to make something out of nothing. is there anything that republicans could do here to appease democrats and their ongoing requests for more hearings and subpoenas requests? >> no, they're ridiculous. the ways and means saying they demand to see the president's tax return. oversight committee saying i want eight years of the president's business records, others want 10 years of banking records. before he was a candidate. this is the democrats so much focus on taking down the president and not any type of focus on doing what's best for the country. i think this is where they'll go. i don't know what we can do to satisfy that. they're bound and determine to do things we've never seen before. >> sandra: you mentioned the president's tax returns
6:46 am
happening just a few moments ago in a hearing room for house financial services. steve mnuchin the treasury secretary was asked about the president's tax returns and he had this response. this is the headline. >> i've had no conversations ever with the president or anyone in the white house about delivering the president's tax returns to congress. >> do you know what he is hiding? he doesn't want anybody to see them. >> i don't think he is hiding anything. >> you don't know. >> i don't know anything about his tax returns. >> sandra: does that response surprise you at all? >> no. i don't think the president is hiding anything. i don't think a private american citizen -- any american citizen should have to turn over their tax returns because the government wants it. i would encourage your viewers to read a letter that -- i talked about this a few weeks ago that emmett flood sent to the attorney general. he says this, if unelected people in the government can do that, talking more about the mueller report and people in
6:47 am
the intelligence community. if they can do this to a president of the united states. imagine what they can do to any one of us. that's a fundamental -- why the real investigation is the one bill barr is doing with john durham. web what bill barr said a few weeks ago. he said there was a failure of leadership at the upper echelon at the f.b.i. spying took place. there is a basis for his concern about that spying and he used two terms that should scare every american. unauthorized and political vairl answer that took place the top people at the f.b.i. started this trump/russia investigation and bill barr is bound and determined to get to the bottom and find out exactly what happened. that's the investigation that matters the most. >> sandra: makes you wonder what that conversation in the white house will be like just a short time from now at the 11 hour the president will be sitting down. cameras are expected to be off at this point with nancy pelosi and chuck schumer, congressman.
6:48 am
>> who knows? what i do know, this investigation that bill barr is doing, what's interesting all the folks involved in that are yelling at each other. just a couple days when brennan said jim comey wanted the dossier, comey says no, brennan did. we found out that loretta lynch said i didn't tell comey to call the clinton investigation a matter. they're pointing at each other because bill barr is doing this investigation and find out exactly what happened. >> sandra: i want to circle back to what is happening right now. democrats are meeting behind closed doors, nancy pelosi is facing a lot of pressure, growing pressure from her fellow democrats to begin impeachment proceedings. she answered a question yesterday about her party and where things stand. she says we're not divided.
6:49 am
is that -- could that be the case? >> could have fooled me. it seems to me as i said before i think they'll do it. never forget. tom steyer spent 70 million electing democrats for the sole purpose of impeaching the president. tom steyer and the radical left in the democrat party do. that's where they will end up going. if they do we'll bring out the facts and show this is not warranted and no justification for it and the president will be fine. i think they'll go there. >> sandra: a lot going on on capitol hill. what's the temperature there? >> nice and warm like it is supposed to be in washington >> sandra: we appreciate your time this morning. thank you, sir. >> eric: the so-called american taliban is preparing to leave prison early. release set for tomorrow. several lawmakers concerned about public safety. a live report from washington
6:50 am
on that. plus a new study says students from wealthy families could be getting extra help when it comes to the s.a.t.s, a story you don't want to miss next hour. nice. but, uh... what's up with your... partner? not again. limu that's your reflection. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ ato be eye-catchingly we mabeautiful.ehicle we make them to be exhilaratingly agile. we make them to be meticulously engineered. and for the cla, we also made it for this. the 2019 cla.
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6:53 am
>> in is absolutely outrageous. it is bad enough he was only given 20 years, but that he is being released early, we have no idea why. he shouldn't be an parole at all. he should be in prison for life. he is a traitor. >> eric: that's michael waltz earlier reacting to tomorrow's release of john walker lind. he is known as the american taliban. lind has served 17 years for providing support to the taliban and he is set to walk free tomorrow. and that's three years early. he was captured in afghanistan implicated in the death of cia officer mike span who was the
6:54 am
first american casualty of the war. let's now go to our washington bureau. >> john walker lind was sentenced to 20 years in prison back in 2002. as you just mentioned tomorrow he will leave prison about three years earlier than he was originally sentenced. lind was nicknamed by many as the american taliban after the california resident was captured in afghanistan in 2001 along with several other islamic extremists. since then he has been serving time at a federal prison in indiana. now some lawmakers say they're outraged over his early release and want to know more about what it could mean for the public safety. >> you have 20 years and some kind of plea bargain deal. he should serve it all. he probably should have got more than that. to let him out, most of the people who get out will be back into something like that. >> we've learned a judge has set special conditions for lind's release. he will not be allowed to have access to internet devices
6:55 am
without approval. also not be able to have a passport or leave the country and ordered not to view any extremist materials. senator shelby says he is worried about more than just lind's release and the how the government plans to have future releases of terrorists. >> eric: thanks so much. >> sandra: as we mentioned capitol hill now acting dhs secretary is testifying before lawmakers as the department seeks more funding to deal with the crisis at our southern border. we'll have a live report on that next. plus brit hume calling the democratic frontrunner a walking time bomb. is he right? our a-team will take that one up and discuss joe biden's path to the nomination.
6:56 am
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>> sandra: fox news alert right now acting homeland security secretary is on the hill as the administration looks for more funding to help with the crisis at the southern border. >> eric: i'm eric shawn in for bill hemmer this morning. president trump pushes a plan for a safer, stronger, immigration system the number of migrants on the southern border is on track to reach one million ending in september. michael mccaul is in the hearing now and he joined us earlier. >> we have to solve this
7:00 am
migration problem. it's out of control. i think that's what we'll be talking to them about are constructive ways how can we work together to get this done because it is a crisis. i live in texas, and i see it firsthand. >> eric: mike emanuel is live on capitol hill now with more. >> good morning to you. this hearing is likely to have some feisty moments as democrats have different funding priorities for homeland security. the hearing just getting underway moments ago. acting secretary of homeland security is on the hot seat. right off the bat the chairman bennie thompson hit him with a complaint about who is running the show when it comes to homeland security suggesting it could be a senior advisor in the white house. >> frankly, between the
7:01 am
vacancies at the department and the reports of infighting coming out of the white house, it's difficult to know who is calling the shots when it comes to the border. the president, the acting secretary, or stephen miller. >> the trump administration is focused on delivering president trump's major promises building the border wall. the secretary blasted democrats for not stepping up to the border. >> the president and his administration requested supplemental funding just two weeks ago to help with the humanitarian crisis at the border. democrats have still failed to do that. unfortunately this problem is going to get worse before it gets better. if members of congress and the democrat party continue to refuse to acknowledge the problem and start to help us fix it. >> you can also expect questions about an issue senator elizabeth warren has written to customs and border protection about writing the deaths of five children who
7:02 am
have been in cbp care in six months are appalling and you owe the public and explanation and full accounting for the causes and circumstances of their deaths. republicans are sounding the alarm about the humanitarian crisis at the border saying it must be addressed now. >> eric: thank you, mike. >> sandra: house speaker nancy pelosi in a closed door meeting at the moment now with democrats trying to work out the road ahead on impeachment. members of her leadership team have reportedly been pushing her to begin those proceedings against the president. speaker pelosi insisting there is no division within her party. let's bring in a-team. brad blakeman former deputy assistant to george w. bush. capricafaro and bill mcgurn. good morning to all of you.
7:03 am
capri, start with you first. nancy pelosi says there is nothing to see here. however, there are more than a dozen members inside the house that are asking her to begin with impeachment proceedings. >> this is giving me flashbacks to being leader in the ohio senate. that being magnified by 10,000 for the house democratic conference right now on capitol hill. those closed door meetings are incredibly contentious, are very off the record and so even though there are leaks. >> sandra: why would it be contentious if there is no division? >> it is her job to say there is no division, she is the leered. you have to put on a brave face. there is always dissension in the ranks. it's a diverse caucus. the republicans have the freedom caucus as well. but look, she is shrewd and you aren't going to see something come to the floor unless she wants it to be there and she is
7:04 am
going to have to decide if that's actually politically expedient or not. >> the inmates are running the democratic caucus. there is no control over that caucus. nancy pelosi is a seasoned leader. she knows the time is not even on her side. there is not enough time to have impeachment through the house more or less a trial in the senate. so politically because impeachment is a political process there just isn't enough time. what are they doing? they're creating the illusion of impeachment in order to keep this before the public. the fact of the matter is impeachment should be used as a shield to protect the constitution. it is being used as a sword to attack the president politically. the american people get it. nancy pelosi is trying to rein them in. look for the summer in august. will the house go on recess when we're in a constitutional crisis? what does she say? what type of advice does she give those for this? >> if she had control she'd say
7:05 am
enough. >> sandra: what she said when she was heading into the closed door meeting with fellow democrats -- this is obviously beginning to be quite a headline -- when she was walking in she said the president engaged in a cover-up. i'll get you more. >> her problem is the majority of democrats want impeachment, right? jerry nadler has been waiting for the day that he could begin impeachment proceedings and go down as the guy who got trump. it is not clear that they have a full majority but it's where the enthusiasm is. that's why mrs. pelosi's job is very difficult. i think she is riding her calculations especially since the mueller report found after two years donald trump wasn't a russian agent. a lot of people are moving on. she is looking ahead. we have an i.g. report coming out pretty soon. a lot of this debate could change very quickly and not in the democrats' favor. >> eric: do you think the
7:06 am
democrats would take on what is in michael hor ke -- horowitz. if people are indicted it will change in washington unlike mueller no collusion. if there are bad actions by f.b.i., justice or intelligence community officials, that's a big story. >> sandra: all right so again, this is according to other outlets who grabbed this sound from nancy pelosi as she was leaving that meeting on impeachment, we do believe that it's important to follow the facts. we believe that no one is above the law including the president of the united states. and we believe the president of the united states is engaged in a cover-up. said nancy pelosi. leaving that closed door meeting. >> i think for the first two aspects of that statement everyone can agree with that. we need to follow the facts and no one is above the law. i think that to your point, brad, the fact that she is now saying that the president is engaged in a quote cover-up i think speaks to the point that
7:07 am
she is trying to walk this fine line potentially of -- not going so far as impeachment. it will create chaos. there may be enthusiasm for it with the progressive. parts of the democratic party, she needs to protect her majority. >> if you say the president is guilty of a cover-up, he has done all these things that bill barr she said committed a crime in his presentation to congress, that the president has plunged us -- you should impeach. that's the weapon. she is feeding this frenzy that she is trying to quell. it's like running the drain and the faucet at the same time. i don't know whether it's a wise strategy. also her caucus is a little bit different. you have aoc, people like that. i don't think -- a lot of people say mrs. pelosi isn't in charge. she got obamacare through.
7:08 am
however, they are not susceptible to the normal kind of inducements like a seat on an important committee. they want to be on twitter and attack donald trump and so forth. i'm not sure her punishments for these kind of people are quite there. >> sandra: we'll have the sound of nancy pelosi in a second here. we're trying to get it for you. the meeting ended. she walked out and spoke with reporters. brad, i'll get your response. on camera she said beyond she believes that president trump is engaged in a cover-up. she says they had to persuade some democrats to dial down the impeachment talk. it was changing of a point of view. here is nancy pelosi moments ago. >> have you guys come to a conclusion? what did you tell the caucus about where you stand?
7:09 am
>> we had a very productive meeting. five of our chairs are doing oversight of the activities of the trump administration presented to the caucus. mr. cummings talked about the major decision which was very favorable for us, the court ruled in favor of the house democrats. and maxine waters talked about the deutsche bank decision case, which is in court today in new york at 10:30 that case will come up. mr. schiff of the intelligence committee talked about the documents that now the justice department is willing to convey to present to the intelligence committee. so the current within the last 72 hours examples of progress made to get the truth and the facts for the american people. we had other presentation about what is happening on the taxes
7:10 am
and it is clear, it is the law of the land. very clear it is the law of the land and then of course jerry nadler spoke in the beginning to give us a context for all of this. right now the judiciary committee is marking up -- we do have our legislative agenda that we're moving forward on. it was a very positive meeting, respectful sharing of ideas and i think very impressive presentations by our chairs. if you believe it's important to follow the facts, we believe that no one is above the law, including the president of the united states. and we believe that the president of the united states is engaged in a cover-up. and that was the nature of the meeting. >> some of your members of impeachment or contempt. is that part of the persuasion?
7:11 am
>> we were exchanging information and points of view. >> can you still have that meeting with all of that happening? >> sandra: nancy pelosi wrapping up this meeting with democrats behind closed doors, eric. at the end you caught a question from our own reporter asking if she had to per said some of the democrats to dial down the impeachment talk. she said it is not a question of persuasion, just changing of a point of view. your takeaway so far. >> she is playing both sides against the middle. instead of putting the fire out she puts gasoline on the fire. democrats don't have the time. they are running also a presidential campaign and down ballot campaigns in 2020. they don't have the time to impeach and remove the president. first of all the president won't be removed because the senate won't do it. democrats said they wanted independent counsel. they got it. they said they would live by mueller's decision. they won't. they're trying to keep it alive
7:12 am
for political gain and the american people get it. >> eric: some say they should do this because it keeps the issue out there not for political gain but for the republic itself. >> democrats have said they have a constitutional obligation and duty of oversight. that is factual. maybe the best way to do this again brad, to your point, let's not play both ends to the middle. impeachment is off the table unless something huge comes up. we have five committees looking at financial issues, tax issues, collusion, whatever, and in due course as we do our oversight duty that is constitutional, then we'll see. otherwise too bad. so you are still pursuing the facts without having -- stirring the political pot. >> you just had a speaker of the house of representatives accuse the president of the united states of a cover-up. >> what kind of cover-up?
7:13 am
>> there was no collusion. look, it's a joke. the democrats aren't interested in information. look at the subpoenas. mr. barr gave 99.9% of this report made available to the democrats. they're not reading it. they hold him in contempt 19 days after issuing a subpoena. they don't want the information, they want a show. the same thing with don mcgahn. he is a very strong case rooted in clinton and obama presidents for executive privilege. they want a show. the financial information they have a slightly better case in the sense there is a statute that seems to say congress does but they're going fishing. that will be a question. i don't think that the right if they get it is as expansive as they think it is. but it's not designed to elicit information. some want an impeachment if
7:14 am
they can't get that they want a show trial. they want drama. >> who doesn't? >> sandra: appreciate it from our a-team. what a few minutes there. >> eric: imagine the white house meeting when they go up to talk to the president in 45 minutes. fox news alert. for the second time in two days russian bombers and fighter jets flew near alaska. they had to scramble two airplanes from the u.s. to intercept them. we stand by at the pentagon. >> the u.s. military isn't saying how close the russian bombers came to the coast of alaska. only saying they flew in international airspace. it scrambled advance fighter jets to intercept the russian formations. on monday four nuclear capable russian bombers flew near alaska. they escorted the bombers. tuesday another russian formation approached just a pair of bombers approaching alaska forcing the air force to
7:15 am
scramble more american f-22 jets to intercept them. norad said russia resumed these bomber patrols in 2007. it flies seven a year. u.s. air force flies bombers and spy planes off russia as well as more than 250 american fighter jets and aircraft along with 10,000 troops arrived in alaska for war games and probably why russia decided to fly patrols. the northern command released a photo of american b-52 bombers moved to alaska for the training. the time of the release a coincidence. for the first time in 10 years a u.s. aircraft carrier is participating in the training off alaska. the big stick roosevelt showing an f-18 super hornet launching from the flight deck. the russian bomber flights
7:16 am
provide great practices for the air force to intercept them. >> speak softly and carry a big stick. >> sandra: growing pressure on capitol hill. what is holding up disaster aid and a deal? >> people in the south and the midwest who have been adversely affected have every right to be running out of patience with us. it is time to get this job done. >> eric: the college admissions scandal is putting new focus on students who get extra time for the s.a.t. and the growing use of special accommodations for those test takers to happen to live in wealthier neighborhoods. termites.
7:17 am
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7:21 am
avoid another dare i say it. a government shutdown. sticking points remain. >> right now agree to disagree is the case on capitol hill. there are three major points i want to focus on. the democrats want to focus on domestic spending. republicans are very concerned about any potential cuts to the pentagon, military spending. the third point, what could really affect markets is the debt ceiling. right now the government is spending more than it is receiving in revenue. they have to borrow money by issuing bonds. right now you have the ceiling. they want that raised. if they don't raise it by the fall, the government will have to prioritize payment, you have fall behind like people at home. you fall behind, you owe interest. you'll have to pay it later on. higher fee. that's when we could see a market sell-off and have all of this chaos. they are not agreeing at the moment. hopefully something will happen. the deficit has been up thus
7:22 am
far in seven months, 38% this year and could hit $1 trillion. >> eric: it has been something ignored. >> sandra: we've been talking about it quite a bit on the business side. meanwhile, markets somewhat down today. stock market down a bit in trading 54 points lost. it's a result of optimism or lack there of when it comes to trade. farmers have been feeling pain from this. when will they get the aid from the white house? >> according to a colleague on the fox business side it could happen this week. $15 billion. consider it like a subsidy now to help out the farmers. they've been financially hurting because of the trade war. china buys a lot of agricultural products for example everybody uses soybeans. what is happening now is china
7:23 am
is pivoting buying from brazil. if china keeps doing that they may do it in the long term and all the farmers will get hurt. you have these potential hand-outs, $15 billion. last year it was $12 billion. i interviewed a lot of farmers supportive of what the president is doing. however, at one point you don't want a government hand-out. you want actual revenue and people buying your product versus somebody putting a band-aid on the problem. >> eric: makes it uncertain for their future. >> and what shall we plan and move forward? spend more on equipment? we don't know what the demand is going to be in the near future? >> sandra: we want our farmers to thrive. california decided to sue over the cancellation of these high-speed rail plans. >> a bullet train from central valley to the bay area. originally l.a. to san francisco. very optimistic. california sued yesterday saying the white house administration is playing politics with them and overstating the problems of the bullet train. let's point out there are a lot
7:24 am
of problems with it. way more expensive than anticipated. years behind schedule. and of course they've shortened the train. originally supposed to be longer. california saying when i say politics california sued the white house to invalidate the border emergency back then. 15 states that did it. they think this is the president and white house going against california and using this bullet train as an avenue. they potentially won't be getting a grant to the tune of $929 million. so that could hurt, of course, future spending. >> eric: it looks cool. >> have you ever been in the one in japan? >> sandra: you covered a lot for us there, christina. >> eric: state department putting syria on notice at this hour. the trump administration promising swift action if it confirms the assad regime used chemical weapons again. we're live with the latest on that story next. >> sandra: moments ago strong words from speaker pelosi on
7:25 am
impeachment coming from within her own party. what is the message there? she just said she believes president trump is engaged in a cover-up. sean spicer has reaction to that next. ttress hot buy for just $498 get a serta pillowtop queen mattress and free boxspring that's premium serta comfort without the premium price for a limited time only at your local sam's club because i know there are so many address myof you veterans, who have served our country honorably. whether it's two years, four years or thirty-two years like myself. one of the benefits we as a country give our veterans is eligibility for a va loan for up to 100% of your home's value.
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a place for mom is a free service that pairs you with a local advisor to help you sort through your options and find a perfect place. a place for mom. you know your family we know senior living. together we'll make the right choice. >> eric: the u.s. saying there are signs syria may be using chemical weapons again. another warning -- they're warning the assad regime there will be consequences if this is proven. it all comes as the house foreign affairs committee is discussing syria, iran and the turbulent situation in the middle east. rich edson live with the developing story. >> good morning. the state department says the united states is still investigating this incident, a suspected chemical attack in syria on sunday. state department spokesperson says we continue to see signs that the assad regime may be renewing its use of chemical weapons including an alleged
7:30 am
chlorine attack in northwest syria. if the assad regime uses chemical weapons the united states and allies will respond quickly and appropriately. the administration says the suspected attack happened in the area of idlbi. the last remaining stronghold of rebels trying to overthrow assad. a cease-fire agreement was in this area. on capitol hill the special envoy for syria that the state department has is testifying before the house foreign affairs committee on the trump administration's strategy in syria. it is still unclear how specifically the administration would respond if there were another confirmed chemical attack by the assad regime. the administration has ordered missile attacks on syrian installations in response to the assad regime's use of chemical weapons. the syrian and russian governments have claimed that anti-assad rebels have attacked civilians with chemical weapons. what the state department says
7:31 am
is usually the assad regime makes these claims before turning around and using chemical weapons itself. the state department says almost all of the confirmed chemical weapons attacks in syria have been the responsibility of the assad regime. >> eric: astounding they are still used. thank you. >> no one is above the law including the president of the united states and we believe he is engaged in a cover-up, in a cover-up. that was the major discussion. >> did you talk to some of your members on impeachment? >> we're exchanging information and points of view. >> sandra: that was speaker nancy pelosi moments ago as more members from her own party are calling for the president's impeachment. fox is also told that speaker pelosi told democrats in the closed door meetings that a
7:32 am
decision forging ahead with impeachment would not be based on politics. sean spicer, former white house press secretary and senior adviseor and spokesman for america first pac. good morning. you're hearing nancy pelosi's words along with us from a short time ago. you heard her say that she and those in that room believe that the president is involved in a cover-up. your reaction to that. >> my reaction is what cover-up? the first part of what she said was we need to follow the facts. the facts are that we've had three investigations. they put all of their eggs in the mueller basket, if you will. he came out and was clear there was no collusion. so i think the democrats have invested everything into trying to undermine this president. they lost the election, right? they continued to figure out excuses as to why they've done it. they've had three opportunities house investigation, senate
7:33 am
investigation and now the mueller report. all of which have come to the same conclusion. it is time nancy pelosi moved on and showed the american people what they want to do. they have no agenda. the only thing they can do is talk about undermining this president and the progress that he has made. >> eric: they point to the 10 alleged cases of obstruction of justice that mueller had. as you say, it hasn't been proven. >> you have to cover-up something, right? if there is no underlying crime, no underlying issue that mueller was conclusive about, you can't cover-up nothing. what nancy pelosi is saying doesn't make sense. the president of the united states over and over again has been vindicated on this point. what is he actually covering up? there were opportunities that he looked at and said that there are some thoughts he had but the attorney general who he reports to was very clear that when he and the deputy attorney general reviewed those 10 instances they found nothing. >> sandra: i'm reading through
7:34 am
the transcript of nancy pelosi's remarks there. she stepped out, talked to reporters after this closed door meeting concluded and talked about it being -- mareking a lot of progress in the making. different presentations from different people. she also said jerry nadler spoke. we know as the "wall street journal" put it this morning democrats are fuming after don mcgahn, former white house counsel to the president, did not show at that hearing. since then jerry nadler has issued two more subpoenas. how far do you think democrats are going to go here? >> i don't know. i could see them taking it all the way to court. the question comes down to executive privilege. the president has a right to invoke that. it is a time-tested, established legal whatever you call it precedent in this country. and so the president has a right to invoke executive privilege. nadler's view is you didn't invoke it during the mueller report, how can you invoke it now? i think the president will
7:35 am
continue to assert his rights under executive privilege for the rest of the staff. this is lost on a lot of folks. don mcgahn testified for over 30 hours in front of mueller. if mueller had all these investigators to look at all the alleged instances of collusion and again he conclusively said there was nothing. so these guys continue to dig, to look under rocks. they've been proven wrong so many times it's embarrassing. they're trying to find some way to dignify the false narrative and investigated that they supported all along to make up for the fact they blew the last election. >> eric: the "wall street journal" editorial says multiple administrations have held congress cannot compel the appearance of a close advisor to the president. what do you think will happen and likely will, go to court? >> well, i think i'm probably the last anyone should be
7:36 am
taking legal advice from. from what i understand that's right. it has been held up the president has a right to invoke executive privilege to confer with aides and make decisions on policy and other matters. i would fully expect through my limited legal knowledge that this gets upheld. sgluf owe been in the room with the president when you guys are talking. what's that like? >> being that up close to government is pretty fascinating and an honor to watch it get made and the decision making. there has always been in my opinion a false narrative about how the president makes decisions. he likes bringing in a lot of competing to the ideas, listens to everyone and makes a final decision and says everyone to execute it. watching it in terms of the number of people he brings into the discussion and in many cases the qualifications these individuals bring to the table is pretty remarkable. >> sandra: he has been tweeting
7:37 am
away this morning and -- >> surprise. >> sandra: making the case democrats are on a fishing expedition. he says the democrats are on a fishing expedition wanting to interview the same people and see the same things as we just went through for two years with robert mueller and the 18 angry dems. never happened to a president before. never, ever happened to president obama. you heard the president talk a lot about this at this rally in pennsylvania he had the other day. 2020 is quickly approaching. we see the number of democrats that are running, sean. put this in the perspective of 2020. >> the democrats are balancing a tight rope here. they have to appease the very far left of their base, the angry mob of their base that wants to get this president at any cost. on the other hand they have to start offering an agenda that is something more than just
7:38 am
impeachment and attacking donald trump and that's where they lose the narrative. most of the american people are focused are me moving the country in a better place and making it safer? the president continues to rack up scores on the economy and other aspects of his agenda. the democrats look like they have nothing to offer except for more investigations. i think that harms their ultimate nominee because when you can't -- when you look at the president's record of accomplishment and the direction the country is going versus the nothing that they're offering, that favors the president especially as we come down to the key battleground states, michigan, wisconsin, pennsylvania. that's where this election will be decided. those people who are talking about their pocketbook issues, are their lives improved and wages going up with side with the president and his record of accomplishment. >> sandra: jim jordan was fired up and had him on last hour. >> there are secret memorandums of understanding, secret m.o. used between the various
7:39 am
chairman how they will coordinate their attack on the president. there are contracts. you'll do this, we'll share certain information. a coordinated effort to take down the president. i think they've already started. they won't formally declare it. i think at some point they'll do it. the american people know it's not justified or will succeed. i don't think the democrats can help themselves. >> sandra: making the case democrats have already begun impeachment proceedings they haven't made it official yet. final thoughts. >> nancy pelosi made it clear they'd use all the committees to go after the president. she is trying to use that as a way to hold her members back from pushing toward impeachment. she knows she has a number of members, probably 30 that are in districts the president won. those people are unequivocally careers will be over the second they overstep. she is trying to prevent this for political reasons but understand she has to let
7:40 am
enough air out of the valve to let the members say they are doing something. this is a coordinated efforts to give their members enough cover they're doing just shy of impeachment. my guess is they go over the cliff and she can't hold her members back. >> sandra: a fired up sean spicer joining us this morning. thank you. >> eric: good to see you. joe biden coming on strong since throwing his hat into the ring for 2020. he is leading in the polls and has plenty of cash. brit hume has questions about whether he will go all the way. our a-team is back on joe biden next. >> his age is an issue. i'm the same age is he is. my age is an issue. the filters don't work as well, the memory isn't as sharp. this is not a bed.
7:41 am
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7:44 am
>> i like biden on a personal basis but he is a walking time
7:45 am
bomb. he is gaffe prone. i don't think he is less so now. he has a lot of strengths. he has a huge body of sympathetic support in the party and able to raise money and he will be in this, but i think it's a high wire act. i'm not sure he can make it. >> eric: fox news senior political analyst brit hume who is joe biden's age and the chances of the former vice president winning the democratic nomination. this as mr. biden leads the crowded field in the polls. our a-team is back. how about uncle joe? brad, let me start with you. a time bomb. people just waiting for him to see what pops out next, whether on china, not a competition or who knows what. >> it is ticking and he enjoys frontrunner status and very early and hard to maintain that status and win the nomination. i believe his party long passed
7:46 am
him by. he is a progressive but not a socialist. he will have to depart the joe biden we've known his entire career in order to get the nomination. you have to be nominated by your party before you're elected by the party. i don't think he is selectable by the party. >> i'm not sure. it depends on whether the party wants to beat donald trump. i'm surprised he is out as far as he is this early in the campaign. everyone else is fighting for 6% and so forth. i do think it's not so much the gaffes that we laugh at him for but saying things like china, it is more serious. i also think democrats are pushing him to the left. he just announced that he used to support the hyde amendment, the limit of federal funding for abortion. now he is against it. he will be vulnerable playing both sides and so forth. the real question is all these other people, the 10 other people with 5%, will they coalesce into one progressive
7:47 am
candidate. >> sandra: someone from that party. >> one person's gaffe is another person's straight talk express, right? people love donald trump because he supposedly authentic and real and says what he thinks off the top of his head. he tweets without filter. so i don't see how joe biden is going to be hurt by being a gaffe machine. i think that out of the group of 23, 24 people that are now running -- i frankly am losing count as well. i do believe we have to remember the 2016 electoral map is the same in 2020. what does that mean? i've said it a million times because i'm from ohio, you have to win places like pennsylvania, wisconsin, michigan and ohio in order to beat donald trump. someone like joe biden or tim ryan, people that understand and can talk to those midwestern voters that democrats crossed over for donald trump, that is where the electability in the again all election is. primaries are tough. not only democrats can move to
7:48 am
the left but republicans get pushed to the right, too. i think tim ryan is our best chance. i'm not just saying that because he is my congressman. outside of my favorite joe biden. >> eric: they will try to take bites out of him all the time. >> it will be harder from the delegate perspective. bernie sanders and his crew helped changed the dnc delicate allocation rules. joe biden has the ability to consolidate the moderates across the country. maybe not focus in california and new york but chip away at all these smaller other states. north dakota. >> sandra: not only is joe biden the frontrunner in his party but in potential match-ups in fox news polling he beats the president if the election was held today.
7:49 am
>> i think most of those match-ups don't mean anything. we're so early. we have to see how he debates the others. i would agree with capri on one thing on the gaffes. the gaffes can be endearing. people imagine themselves making mistakes. ronald reagan had gaffes like the bombing starts in 10 minutes. the danger for joe biden is a lot of the stuff i mentioned abortion, mike pence he called him a decent guy and then he backed down. it may make him look not genuine. which joe biden do you believe? if he ends up repudiating all his past. >> if his gaffes don't get him his records will. joe biden and obama committed the largest fraud on the american people with obamacare. keep your doctor, lower rates. it hasn't done either. joe biden what is he advocating now? a single payer system. this was the operation all the time. joe biden has a record to
7:50 am
defend. if his gaffes don't get him, his record will. >> sandra: thank you to all three of you. a brand-new study now revealing that kids from wealthy families may be getting a leg up when it comes to the s.a.t.s. wait until you hear the latest on this next.
7:51 am
7:52 am
7:53 am
7:54 am
>> sandra: a new study showing students of wealthy families may be given a boost when it comes to taking the s.a.t.s, carley shimkus is here. what's the story here? >> the "wall street journal" found that wealthy students are being given extra time to take standardized tests like the s.a.t.s and a.c.t.s because they're diagnosed with things like anxiety and adhd. some students may have these issues but some schools are reporting that 30% of their student body is coming in with a doctor's note saying we need more time to take the test so could some of those students be stretching the truth a bit? quite possibly. the report also found that this is happening in wealthy areas because rich parents actually have the money to pay for these medical exams for their students and they can really be expensive depending on where you live. some medical exams can cost up
7:55 am
to $10,000. this doesn't rise to the level of the college admissions scandal where somebody was legitimately taking the test for these students but it is concerning. >> eric: there is a natural way because this parents have more money they can afford the diagnosis which may be legitimate. >> could be legitimate but there are reports that maybe you could flub the test a little bit. try to get extra time. on the other side, it was recently reported that there is an adversity score now being added to the s.a.t.s, so schools will get a separate number and if that number is high that means that student lives in a high-crime rate or poorer region of the country. so people think that may be unfair. so some schools are actually now making the s.a.t.s optional because it's so darn controversial now. >> sandra: a standardized test and people say extra time?
7:56 am
you are supposed to have three hours and if you don't finish that's part of it. >> i don't think i was allowed to bring in chap stick. >> sandra: the thing here some people do take a longer time to take tests. so this will be an interesting debate. >> eric: for the record i hate the s.a.t.s. >> sandra: there are people who love them. >> i still have those bad dreams, too. >> eric: a dramatic meeting at the white house minutes away. meeting with nancy pelosi, chuck schumer moments after she accused the president in engaging of a cover-up. rolling into a brand-new hour of "america's newsroom." martha maccallum, bret baier and senator john cornyn all here. we're the tenney's and we're usaa members for life. call usaa to start saving on insurance today. and we're usaa members for life. ♪ when you have nausea, ♪ heartburn, ♪ indigestion,
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in patients with sickle cell disorders, serious, sometimes... ...fatal crises can occur. the most common side effect... is bone and muscle ache. ask your doctor... ...about neulasta onpro. pay no more than $5 per dose with copay card. >> sandra: fox news alert on a growing drama over impeachment on capitol hill. speaker of the house nancy pelosi saying the president just moments ago is engaged in a cover-up right before heading into the white house for a meeting with the president. that sets the scene. welcome to "america's newsroom." i'm sandra smith. >> eric: i'm eric shawn, bill hemmer is off today. speaker pelosi making those shocking comments after meeting with democrats. she and senator charles schumer will both sit down with the president at the white house minutes from now take touk infrastructure and maybe the cover-up comments will coming up. john roberts live with more. wait until that meeting starts.
8:01 am
>> to be a fly on the wall in that meeting this morning when they come over here. we have cameras lined up waiting to see their entrance. they should be here any second. the topic for today's meeting was supposed to be about infrastructure. they found common ground a couple weeks ago agreeing to spend $2 trillion on infrastructure renewal. today's meeting was ways to pay for it. this morning's democratic caucus meeting whether to begin impeachment against the president prompted by don mcgahn's no show at the house judiciary committee hearing. nancy pelosi saying this moments ago when she exited the meeting. >> it was a very positive meeting, respectful sharing of ideas and i think very impressive presentations by our chairs. we do believe it's important to follow the facts. we believe that no one is above the law, including the
8:02 am
president of the united states. and we believe that the president of the united states is engaged in a cover-up, in a cover-up. >> the president of the united states is engaged in the cover-up. the president tweeted everything the democrats are asking me for is based on an illegally started investigation that failed for them when the mueller report came back with a no collusion finding. now they say impeach president trump even though he did nothing wrong while they fish. sarah sanders said this morning they're wasting taxpayer time and money and it's time to start working together on infrastructure, trade and other issues. >> they have to make a decision if they are going to do their job, they will show up and legislate or continue to spend all their time on these
8:03 am
ridiculous allegations. >> many democrats are urging caution about going down the impeachment trail. listen here to this. >> today in the next 48 hours i will be introducing a resolution of investigation. the opening comments in that resolution says that the judiciary committee will investigate whether sufficient grounds exist for the house of representatives to exercise the power by article 1, section 2, clause 5 of the constitution in respect to acts of impeachment of the president of the united states. >> if history is any guide the house speaker and senate minority leader will come out to chat with us for a little while. i think it all depends, eric, how it goes in the next 30 minutes. we'll see. >> eric: all the reporters' questions won't be on the i
8:04 am
word of infrastructure but probably impeachment. >> sandra: for more on this let's bring in martha maccallum anchor of "the story." we're waiting to see chuck schumer and nancy pelosi at the white house meeting with the president. cameras are expected to be off. you never know what will happen there. so far we've heard from nancy pelosi that she and others in her party believe that the president is engaged in a cover-up heading into that meeting she was answering reporter questions and said her party is not divided. what does this tell us about the direction her party is going in? >> we know she has been under a ton of pressure already this week behind closed doors with her own -- with democrats behind closed doors encouraging her to get tougher on the impeachment issue. people believe the grounds are there to begin these proceedings. i think when she throws out a loaded political phrase like that, that president trump is engaged in a cover-up, it
8:05 am
obviously evokes watergate implications. either she is throwing enough bones toward the people in her party who want impeachment to walk into that meeting saying i'm tough. i just said this about a cover-up and i have your back when i go into that meeting. whether or not nancy pelosi herself has changed her mind where the whole thing is going remains to be seen. she clearly in the past, recently has felt politically and based on what happened with bill clinton it's not a good road for them to go down. >> sandra: chad per gram got the last question to her. he asked did you change the position of some of the members in your party on impeachment? she responded it wasn't persuasion, we were exchanging information and points of view. really, we have this meeting with the president. that was nancy pelosi. shortly before that meeting
8:06 am
took place that closed-door meeting with spoke can congressman jim jordan and asked him a similar question and he had this to say. >> it not warranted. the american people don't want it. the radical left and the democratic party do. they end up going there. if they do we'll bring out the facts and show it is not warranted and no justification for it and the president will be fine but i think they will go there. >> >> sandra: he thinks they will take this route. some have said the proceedings have begun and haven't announced it yet. >> it seems like they're going through all the motions. some feel if they have the teeth of an impeachment proceeding it will help them get the documents they want. all of these interviews have already happened. all of this investigation. democrats said what they wanted more than anything was a special counsel. then they wanted the special counsel to be robert mueller. they believed he would be impartial, integrity and the man to do the job. now all of that already happened. now they want to retread all
8:07 am
the ground that has already happened over the course of the election period to come over the next 16 to 18 months. they have to figure out whether it's a road they want to go down. for the white house they look at this and say if we peel the band-aid off, give approval for don mcgahn to go in it's endless and will go on forever. i think the other thing i want to mention is when you look at the strength of joe biden so far in this 2020 race, the signal that they're giving is that there are a lot of moderate democrats out there. i don't know they have the stomach for what you are hearing on the farther left for these impeachment proceedings and clearly nancy pelosi knows that as well. >> sandra: interesting point. "new york post" editorial talked about democrats are buying time for impeachment. in that piece they said afraid to impeach or drop the whole thing and now playing for time demanding things they have no right to or need for. they can suggest a new cover-up
8:08 am
is underway, regurgitating what is out there to give friendly media to keep the hysteria alive. the president said they want a do over. >> if nancy pelosi believes the president is in a cover-up. they need to put their money where their mouth is. if they believe it was obstruction and all sort of obfuscated by bill barr's testimony. put your money with your mouth is. they talk about the responsibility of congress and oversight. go for it. >> sandra: great stuff from your show last night senator kennedy and others. we'll see you tonight at 7:00. we have a lot more coming up on the impeachment issue. senator john cornyn who serves on the judiciary committee will join us just moments from now. >> eric: looking forward to that. we have a fox news alert on the acting department of homeland security secretary testifying on capitol hill this morning. attending a house homeland
8:09 am
security budget hearing as the border patrol stopped admitting migrants to the country's largest processing center in texas after a 16-year-old boy from guatemala died after coming down with the flu. >> we're seeing overcrowding like we've never seen before and when you have overcrowding you are holding people in custody for six days like this child was in our custody without showers and without proper facilities, bedding facilities and so on and so forth you'll have problems like this. if we don't have congress step up to give us the funding we need we'll continue to see these issues arise. >> eric: that's brandon judd who will be reporting on a shift later at that site. doug mcelway in washington with the latest. >> everybody is sickened by the child deaths but democrats on the house homeland security committee are outraged over the deaths of children in u.s. custody. the magnitude of the border crisis suggests it's remarkable there are not more deaths.
8:10 am
acting dhs secretary told the committee today that it is now approaching a breaking point. >> without these resources and authorities the situation will remain untenable. while dhs will continue to do all it can to manage the crisis in a humane, safe and secure manner every day congress does not act puts more lives at risk and increases the burden on an overtasked system. >> little reported is the number of child deaths happening from deaths from drowning, sickness and other causes extremely difficult to document because of the rush of humanity. it is all happening outside the purview of u.s. authorities. it is growing as more migrants from the system knowing full well that now is the time to go. they know and word has spread that the chances of getting through or of being caught and then released are better than ever given all the chaos. >> what we're seeing now is
8:11 am
about 65% of those crossings are either family units or unaccompanied children. family units have reached a record level. 59% so far this month of our total crossings on the border. >> his appearance before the house homeland security committee is a fight over the president's budget request. dhs needs more funding to handle the overload and democrats are to blame for not delivering according to the white house. >> the president and his administration requested supplemental funding just two weeks ago to help with the humanitarian crisis at the border. democrats have still failed to do that. unfortunately this problem is going to get worse before it gets better. if members of congress and the democrat party continue to refuse to acknowledge the problem and start to help us fix it. >> he emphasizeed that a portion of a border wall would help to stem the flow of migrants and send a signal to central america the border is
8:12 am
no longer completely freely open and overwhelmed. eric. >> eric: thank you. >> sandra: a new lawsuit against the trump administration as california fires back after the feds pull nearly $1 billion in funding from a high-speed rail project. a live report on that. >> eric: almost two dozen democrats now running for president, which candidate could catch up to joe biden's commanding lead? we have new polling out today and bret baier is here to break it all down with us. bret in just a second. >> we know what we have to do. that's why i'm running. as i said, let's stop fighting and start fixing. we can only do it together. me t. the mortgage, the bills, credit cards, home improvements. it all takes cash. getting that cash is just a phone call away. call newday usa. the newday usa 100 va loan lets you take out an average of 54,000 dollars
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>> eric: former vice president joe biden taking a commanding early lead over the rest of the 2020 field of democrats. look at this new poll. it shows mr. biden with a 19 point lead. as you can see sanders and warren the other two candidates in double digits. what does it all mean? the host of special report is here, bret baier. is it too early to say that biden is unstoppable? >> yes, far too early. because you have a long way to go, eric. we are 8 1/2 months away from the first person voting and along the way you have these debates which will be big moments in the primary.
8:17 am
and you wonder whether biden is going to be playing defense kind of holding the ball with a lead like that in a lot of these polls. there will be some of the 24 candidates who will be swinging for biden in various ways, whether he is not progressive enough. whether he is tied to some bad things in the past. so you have moments here that could potentially be big speed bumps for the former president. he is the frontrunner. >> eric: he has a long record and you can delve into the record on both sides. progressives saying he is too far to the left and president saying he was against the bin laden raid. could that hurt him? >> sure. a huge record in the senate. you have the former defense secretary bob gates saying he has been on the wrong side of every major foreign policy
8:18 am
issue. you have people who are very critical of him. obviously personally he has a lot of friends and a lot of goodwill on capitol hill really with both sides of the aisle. but as policy specifics in a democratic field that clearly is going further to the left in the more progressive vain of the bernie sanders, elizabeth warren, the only others in double digits. there are potential pitfalls along the way. biden is going to, eric, run a general election race going head-to-head against president trump and the more president trump tweets about joe biden, the more his, biden's stock goes up about possibly beating trump. >> eric: speaking of the president. a huge meeting at the white house between nancy pelosi and chuck schumer. we've been told that the press pool has been ordered to gather at the pond room doors that leads out to the rose garden.
8:19 am
we know that mr. schumer just arrived. so what could that indicate if the press pool is told to do that? would the president come out? after what the speaker said this morning about the president after that meeting that he is engaged in a cover-up. what do you expect to come out of the president's mouth perhaps? >> what's fascinating there are two tracks here, right? there is actual negotiating about legislation including infrastructure. other things as well around the edges, drug prices, other possible negotiations that are happening. and then there is the back and forth about complying with demands from various committees in the house and the subpoenas. and hence that house speaker pelosi comment about a cover-up. i think they are separating the tracks here as hard as it is to believe and maybe, just maybe there is some progress to be made about spending caps. that's the debt ceiling limit,
8:20 am
and maybe in the outskirts infrastructure. that's a long shot, though. >> eric: see what happens if the president comes out. we'll see you tonight on special report. >> sandra: we'll keep our eye on that. kim jong-un calling joe biden a fool after a comment by the former v.p. on the campaign trail. what triggered the war of words between the democratic frontrunner and north korean dictator. steve mnuchin taking questions at the house financial services committee a short time ago as the fight over the president's tax returns heats up. we're going to have more from that fiery hearing next. >> we're the legislative branch so we make decisions about legislating, right? >> i understand there are three branches of government and they perform different functions. >> you are the executive branch, right? >> which executes the laws, you don't make the laws. we make the laws. >> right. when did you see the sign?
8:21 am
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now that's simple, easy, awesome. get $100 back when you bring in an eligible smartphone. click, call, or visit a store today. >> eric: secretary mnuchin was an capitol hill this morning before the financial services committee. he was asked about that "washington post" story that cites an i.r.s. draft memo saying the president's tax returns have to be given to congress unless the president exerts executive privilege. the secretary said he never got that memo. >> have you had any conversations with the president at any time during your -- prior to your confirmation or today or to today about your desire or willingness to provide the president's tax returns to congress? >> i have had no conversations ever with the president or anyone in the white house about delivering the president's tax returns to congress.
8:25 am
>> he added the refusal to hand over the tax documents in his words are to make sure the i.r.s. is not weaponized. >> sandra: california suing to block president trump from revoking nearly a billion dollars in federal funding for a high-speed rail project that was scaled back this year. governor newsom accusing president trump of political payback for the state challenging his immigration policies. william la jeunesse is following the story live from los angeles. >> the lawsuit could allow governor newsom to run out the clock until president trump is out of office. here is the issue. president obama gave california more than $3 billion for a train to go to san francisco to l.a. in 2 hours and 40 minutes. that won't happen. the project $46 billion over budget. 10 years behind schedule. last week the feds terminated the grant saying california spent the money illegally and
8:26 am
failed to meet deadlines and budgets. they say president trump is punishing california for his opposition to border wall. >> the judge have a temporary restraining order. confident we'll win in court. >> justifying their action the feds point to this newsom speech, abandoning the original project. >> current project as planned would cost too much and take too long. too little oversight and not enough transparency. >> california says look at the timing. in february newsom called the border wall construction a manufactured crisis and filed suit to stop it. the next day president trump tweeted as predicted, 16 states led mostly by open border democrats and the radical left have filed suit. california the state that has wasted billions of dollars on
8:27 am
their out of control fast train with no hope of completion seems in charge. you have this political fight. newsom says california sued trump now 51 times. taxpayers are paying the bill, sandra. so is it worth it? depends on where you stand. >> sandra: i guess so. william la jeunesse. thank you. >> eric: north korea's top diplomat in the u.s. won't talk about otto warmbier refusing to express sorrow about the young american who died six days after his release from north korean custody. this as a proposal in new york city could honor the ohio college student. and there is high drama at the white house now. nancy pelosi about to sit down with the president. not one hour after she accused him of engaging in a quote cover-up as more democrats are calling for impeachment proceedings to begin. we'll get reaction from texas senator john cornyn next.
8:28 am
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8:31 am
>> we believe no one is above the law including the president of the united states. and we believe that the president of the united states is engaged in a cover-up, in a cover-up. and that was the nature of the meeting. >> we were exchanging information and points of view. >> sandra: that was house speaker nancy pelosi a short time ago after meeting with the democratic caucus saying that president trump is engaged in a cover-up. it comes as more democrats are calling for the president's impeachment. texas senator john cornyn sits on the senate judiciary committee and joins us now. good morning to you. so much to get to here with you. i want to give you an our audience a heads-up the press pool at the white house has been called into the rose garden. what we were expecting at this hour was this meeting with the president and nancy pelosi and
8:32 am
chuck schumer. that being said, we don't know why they've been called to the rose garden. we'll watch that for you. and let you know when something there begins. senator, that being said, nancy pelosi, her words this morning, the president is engaged in a quote, cover-up. your response to that. >> i understand ms. pelosi and her party are very disappointed in the outcome of the 2016 election and they put all their hopes in the report from director robert mueller over the two years that he investigated the russian involvement in the 2016 election. but having concluded there was no collusion and the attorney general concluding that there is no obstruction, they really don't know what to do other than to continue this what now has become obviously a partisan political drumbeat. she is caught in a box, though. she knows impeachment would be something that create a backlash for the president and so while her own base and many of her members are calling for impeachment she is trying to keep that talk squelched.
8:33 am
but really what they're doing is squandering what they got in the last election, a working majority in the house of representatives to work with us and work together to try to pass legislation that would benefit the american people. >> sandra: interesting the president makes a similar point in a tweet this morning saying quote, the democrats are getting zero work done in congress. all they are focused on is trying to prove the mueller report wrong. the witch hunt. he has sent out 12 tweets this morning, senator. one of which he says democrats are on a fishing expedition. is that what this is? >> absolutely. it is important to remember congress has a very different role from the department of justice and the special counsel. they were engaged in an investigation to see whether there were any criminal laws violated whether there was sufficient evidence to charge somebody with a crime. and congress's role is completely different.
8:34 am
ours is to do oversight of the laws that we pass to see if new changes need to be made or reforms need to be considered. and this is not about trying to look at the president's tax returns. that's really not a legitimate scope of oversight. to call the president's white house counsel in for a hearing knowing that the confidential communications between white house counsel and the president have always been protected, this is all for show. >> sandra: senator, i have to ask you about what is happening at the white house right now. because again to remind everybody nancy pelosi, chuck schumer meeting with the president. this was on the schedule. we know infrastructure would be a big part of that discussion there. what we're now being told and there is actually a picture now outside the rose garden -- in the rose garden, a podium has been set up. risers were just wheeled out. there was no announcement or this was not on the schedule that the press would be called
8:35 am
into the rose garden for any sort of announcement. it appears that this is being set up very quickly and now i'm being told that nancy pelosi is leaving the white house. you can see chuck schumer is leaving as well. they both arrived and they both departed now. two-minute warning i'm being told to the president. you saw his press people there hogan gidley and others. this was not on the schedule. but senator, if i could ask you based on everything you're hearing from me right now and i'm conveying the message from my ear and what we're getting from our producers at the white house, what's going on here? >> well, it's good that the president and nancy pelosi and chuck schumer are talking. and i can only hope that some good might come out of it. but unfortunately discussions at that level are important when you talk about spending caps, when you talk about infrastructure projects and the like.
8:36 am
truthfully where the work gets done is in the congress working through the committee process in the house and senate and it's something that so far the house of representatives under speaker pelosi has refused to do on a bipartisan basis. i don't know what the announcement is going to be. i'm glad they're talking about the real work gets done here in the halls of congress and in the committees. >> sandra: what we're being told now is this is mueller related. the announcement that we're about to hear from the white house. and i think -- >> eric: no collusion, no obstruction, 35 million, 18 angry democrats, a reference to the mueller investigation. >> sandra: just to remind everybody what just happened the last few minutes. this was not announced. folks on the ground at the white house said they were called to the palm doors, then sent out into the rose garden. now the podium is out there. risers were wheeled past us and it was put together quickly. nancy pelosi and chuck schumer
8:37 am
arrived at the white house with the meeting with the president and they have since departed. now knowing this is mueller related and senator i can tell you what is on that podium, the amount spent on the mueller investigation, no obstruction, no collusion. we're only left to speculate at this point what the president is about to announce. but all i can do is ask you what you think. >> well, i don't know exactly what the president is going to say. there has been a lot of focus now that the mueller report is concluded and the conclusions you just described have been made as to how this investigation got started. we were in a remarkable situation in the run-up to the 2016 election where both presidential candidates were under active f.b.i. investigation. the difference was that president trump was never told that some of the people in his campaign were being looked at for counter intelligence investigation. something he should have been told as a routine matter.
8:38 am
now attorney general barr and many of the committees like the senate judiciary committee are looking at how did that investigation get started and go so wildly off the rails. >> sandra: now we're hearing since their departure from the white house nancy pelosi and chuck schumer will be speaking a short time from now. now the president is walking out of the white house into the rose garden where a podium was quickly assembled. we listen to the president. >> president trump: good morning. so i came here to do a meeting on infrastructure with democrats, not really thinking they wanted to do infrastructure or anything else other than investigate. and i just saw that nancy pelosi just before our meeting made a statement that we believe that the president of the united states is engaged in a cover-up. well, it turns i'm out -- i think most of you would agree to this, i'm the most transparent president probably in the history of this country. we have given on a witch hunt,
8:39 am
on a hoax, the whole thing with russia was a hoax as it relates to the trump administration and myself. it was a total, horrible thing that happened to our country. it hurt us in so many ways. despite that we're setting records with the economy, with jobs, we're -- most people employed today than we've ever had in the history of our country. we have the best unemployment numbers that we've had in the history of our country. in some cases 51 years but generally in the history of our country. companies are moving back in. things are going well. and i said let's have the meeting on infrastructure, that's one of the easy ones. instead of walking in happily into a meeting, i walk into look at people that have just said that i was doing a cover-up. i don't do cover-ups. you people know that probably
8:40 am
better than anybody. i was just looking at a list of some of the things that we just did. more than 2,500 subpoenas qualified for. i let everybody talk. i let the white house counsel speak for 30 hours. 30 hours. i have 19 special counsel lawyers, 40 f.b.i. agents. i said open it all up. let them have whatever they want. nearly 500 search warrants. think of that a search warrant. did you ever see a search warrant before? neither did i. it was over 500 search warrants. and of the 19 people that were heading up this investigation or whatever you want to call it with bob mueller, they were contributors to the democrat party most of them and to hillary clinton. they hated president trump, they hated him with a passion.
8:41 am
they went to her big party after the election that turned out to be a wake, not a party. it was a wake. and they were very angry. these are the people that after two years and $35 million, it will end up being a lot more than that by the time all the bills are paid, this is what happened. no collusion, no obstruction, no nothing. they issued 50 orders authorizing use of 10 registers. think of that, though, 500 witnesses and then i have nancy pelosi go out and say that the president of the united states engaged in a cover-up. now, we've had a house investigation, we have senate investigations, we have investigations like nobody has
8:42 am
ever had before and we did nothing wrong. they would have loved to have said we colluded. they would have loved it. these people were out to get us. the republican party and president trump. they were out to get us. this is a one-sided horrible thing. the bottom line is they said there is no collusion, no collusion with russia. you heard so much talk about phone calls that my son made to me from this meeting that was set up by gps fusion it looks like, which is the other side for those that don't know. and for a year i heard about phone calls went to a special number, unauthorized. and it would have been my son, don, who is a good young man, who has gone through hell. and they were calls that must have been made by him before and after the meeting.
8:43 am
three calls. after massive study and they found who made the calls. one was a friend of ours, a real estate developer, great guy, most of you know him. nice guy, loves our country. the other one was the head of nascar, two of them. so of the three calls that were so horrible that he had a meeting and he called me and then he had the meeting after and he made two more calls, and they were written about like this little lines, a couple of lines. nobody wanted to admit it. even last night we had a great election. i went there on monday. we had an election for fred keller who is a 50/50 shot and he won in a landslide. we went and we did a rally. hardly mentioned today and yet if he lost it would have been
8:44 am
the biggest story in the country, even bigger than this witch hunt stuff that you guys keep writing about. here is the bottom line. there was no collusion, there was no obstruction. we've been doing this since i've been president and actually the crime was committed on the other side. we'll see how that all turns out. i hope it turns out well but to my way of thinking and i know a lot of you agree with me, the crime was committed on the other side. this whole thing was a takedown attempt at the president of the united states. and honestly you ought to be ashamed of yourselves for the way you reported so dishonestly. not all of you, but many of you. the way you reported. so i've said from the beginning, right from the beginning, that you probably can't go down two tracks.
8:45 am
you can go down the investigation track and you can go down the investment track or the track of let's get things done for the american people. i love the american people. drug prices are coming down, first time in 51 years because of my administration. we can get them down way lower working with the democrats. we can solve the problem on the border in 15 minutes if the democrats would give us a few votes. so i just wanted to let you know that i walked into the room and i told senator schumer, speaker pelosi, i want to do infrastructure. i want to do it more than you want to do it. i would be really good at that. that's what i do. but you know what? you can't do it under these circumstances. so get these phony investigations over with.
8:46 am
the "wall street journal" just wrote today a little while ago i saw it mr. mueller wasn't obstructed in any way. "wall street journal" editorial today. mr. mueller wasn't obstructed in any way. his copious report, 434 pages. they want to interview all of the same people again now. they want to interview -- jerry nadler, he fought me in new york unsuccessfully. i've had great success against jerry. but he was representing manhattan and he would fight me all the time on the west side railroad yards. many times. very unsuccessfully. he failed. i come to washington and become president and i said oh no, i have jerry nadler again? so "wall street journal," mr. mueller wasn't obstructed in any way. his copious report was released for all to see and there was no
8:47 am
collusion. this is the "wall street journal." and there was no collusion between russia and the trump campaign. that's it. but they want to make this a big deal. whether or not they carry the big i word out. i can't imagine that but they probably would because they do whatever they have to do. there is a danger here. if someday a democrat becomes president and you have a republican house, they can impeach him for any reason, or her. any reason. we can't allow that to happen. we can't allow it to happen. so when you look at all of the transparency, when you look at all i've done, and i will tell you my lawyers say you don't have to do this. you can use presidential privilege. you don't have to let your lawyers and all of your staff testify. you can use presidential privilege, sir. would you recommend it? well, you can be transparent or
8:48 am
you can be tight. if you've done nothing wrong being transparent is better. so i said i did nothing wrong. let's be transparent. so that's what you have, all of these things. look at that. all of these things, 500 witnesses that i allowed to testify. it is a disgrace. so when they get everything done, i'm all set to let's get infrastructure, let's get drug prices down. in the meantime we're doing tremendous work without them. we're doing tremendous executive orders, a lot of work. we've had a great success. most successful economy perhaps in our country's history. we've cut regulations at a level that nobody else has cut them before. the largest tax cut in the history of the country. so we're doing a lot of work. >> any assurances the house
8:49 am
won't move forward? >> president trump: it's sad. this meeting was set up a number of days ago at 11:00. all of a sudden i hear last night they'll have a meeting right before this meeting to talk about the i word. the i word. can you imagine? i don't speak to russians about campaigns. when i went to wisconsin and michigan and pennsylvania, i don't say let's call russia. maybe -- it's a hoax. the greatest hoax in history. go ahead. >> do you view congress as a co-equal branch of government and do you respect the power of oversight? >> i respect the courts, i respect congress, i respect right here where we're standing. but what they've done is abuse. this is investigation number four on the same thing. probably five. and it really started, i think,
8:50 am
pretty much from the time we came down the escalator in trump tower. so i say to you that we're going to get everything done. we're doing a lot without them. let them play their games. we'll go down one track at a time. let them finish up and we'll be all set. thank you, everybody. >> sandra: president trump finishing up in the rose garden. impromptu comments from the president. this was not expected. quickly a lectern was assembled after the press corps was called. he just met with nancy pelosi and chuck schumer in the white house. that was on the schedule. however, he said they walked in the room. he said i want to talk infrastructure but we have to end all these investigations at which time nancy and chuck left the white house and the president took to the rose garden. let's bring in bret baier. that was quite a moment. >> it was quite a moment.
8:51 am
i was talking to eric shawn before all this a little while ago and said looks like there could be two tracks here. investigations and doing other things. no, that's not the case. this is the moment where the president said enough is enough. i am not going to go forward with all of these other discussions when house speaker pelosi comes out and accuses him of a major cover-up right before coming to the white house. we expect to hear from the democrats. speaker pelosi and chuck schumer in about nine minutes i think up on capitol hill. they will have their response to their take of the meeting. but privately democratic sources on the hill asked about what happened in the meeting. said to our producers up there nothing good. this is the moment where president trump is putting his foot down and saying this is his president obama pen and a phone moment. congress obviously is obsessed with this investigation on the house side and i'm going to do everything outside of that
8:52 am
until they get over what he calls the nonsense of these investigations. >> sandra: he detailed the thoroughness of the mueller investigation, $35 million. 500 subpoenas and search warrants. he had statistics from the mueller investigation right there on the lectern, bret. he came out and directly responded to the words of nancy pelosi from a short time before he began saying that she believed -- this was after she met with her caucus, that the president is engaged in a cover-up. he took that face on. he said i do not do cover-ups. the whole thing with russia is a hoax. i'm the most transparent president. a horrible thing that happened to this country. this whole thing was a takedown attempt of the president of the united states. he went on to call the democrats and what they're doing abuse. >> right. and he listed all of the times
8:53 am
that he could have chosen to go with executive privilege but he didn't and let all of these people testify to the executive action that is robert mueller and his investigation. as detailed there was not a moment where mueller was thwarted in getting his report to be finished. now, there are a lot of details in those 400 pages. a lot of details about what could have happened, what might have happened, what was told to don mcgahn the former white house counsel. and what was told in all these various scenarios. and mueller does not come to a conclusion on obstruction. says he can't do it. he leaves it to congress. congress and the democrats are saying it's our turn to move this forward. and that's where you are hearing all these impeachment talks that he calls the i word from the rose garden. >> sandra: here is that moment where the president describes what happened inside the white
8:54 am
house when he met with nancy pelosi and chuck schumer a short time ago. >> president trump: i walked into the room and i told senator schumer, speaker pelosi, i want to do infrastructure. i want to do it more than you want to do it. i would be really good at that. that's what i do. but you know what? you can't do it under these circumstances. so get these phony investigations over with. >> sandra: what are we supposed to take away from the fact that this meeting just happened and ended quickly with the president taking to a lectern in the rose garden to say exactly what happened in that room. when infrastructure was supposed to be the one area that both parties could come together and get something done. >> we take away from it this is the beginning of the official 2020 race and that you are seeing the outlines of the trump campaign right now. and that is to run against the
8:55 am
house democrats who look like they are heading down a road towards impeachment. it is a very dangerous road for them to take politically as we've seen before in the reluctance of speaker pelosi to go down that road. it seems like she is getting pressured to do that and president trump is putting a marker down saying i'm ready to do big things on infrastructure and immigration and drug prices, but these investigations can't go on while i'm doing that. i think those are the outlines of the election as well as pushback on socialism and abortion and running on the economy. that's what you will see candidate president trump run on on reelection. >> sandra: he tried to put the focus back on the investigation of the investigators. no collusion, no obstruction. a heck of a last few minutes at the white house. bret baier, thank you for coming back on with us to react.
8:56 am
>> eric: remarkable moment. the president clearly frustrated, furious and teed off that nancy pelosi would accuse him of a cover-up. an hour later sit down with him face-to-face. john roberts on the north lawn of the white house. any more insight in what exactly happened at the meeting? the president walked in. do infrastructure, blew up the meeting and that was it? >> i have seen unusual things at this white house. that's the most unusual thing i've seen. we believe that the president was in the meeting with the house speaker and the senate minority leader and then we learned they had left literally just minutes after they arrived and it was reminiscent of a meeting they had in the situation room where the president said are you going to give me money for the wall and nancy pelosi said no, never. so the president said we have nothing to talk about and got up and walked out. in this case the president came into the meeting. he said he wanted to come in and have a good, productive
8:57 am
meeting on infrastructure but then was clearly incensed that the house speaker had just accused him of a cover-up and the president put out that information saying that there were 500 search warrants, 230 orders for communication records, 50 orders authorizing the use of pen registers, interviewing approximately 500 witnesses and the president bristled against this idea of a do over in the house in the judiciary and intelligence committee. what do you mean cover-up? i've spoken many times with ty cobb, the in-house counsel providing all these documents to robert mueller and spoke almost every day with john doud, the president's lead counsel and then spoke almost every day with giuliani. they insist to a person that they were giving mueller everything he needed. the only thing they didn't give mueller was a sit-down with the president or questions related
8:58 am
to obstruction of justice but other than that gave him literally everything. the president going into this meeting. the last time they talked about infrastructure they agreed to find a way to spend money on infrastructure reform only to find out that he believes the house speaker had stabbed him in the back just minutes before the president walked into the meeting and said i wanted to do this. you don't want to do this when the investigations are over, let's talk. that was basically it. it was all over with. the president has said he doesn't want to do infrastructure but immigration reform. he wants to do a lot of other issues. not expecting in the least that democrats will say let's not do these investigations and let's move forward on things good for the country. bret is right when he says the president laid down a marker for the 2020 election. investigation or investment. he will let the democrats do
8:59 am
investigation and he will go on the investment track. >> eric: if she will be asked if she regrets the term or how she explains it. >> sandra: nancy pelosi and chuck schumer are expected to speak after the white house meeting ended abruptly. the president said they walked into that meeting and he said you've got to put these investigations to rest after nancy pelosi this morning said that she believes that the president is engaged in a cover-up. pelosi and schumer quickly left. the president took to the rose garden to put his message out to the country. he continues to make the case that the mueller investigation has been a hoax and they have been out to get the president since he walked down the escalator at trump tower said the president a few moments ago. >> eric: a moment to remember happening at the white house this morning. >> sandra: he referenced back to the "wall street journal" piece, editorial board piece in the "wall street journal" this
9:00 am
morning saying don mcgahn looking back at the hearing yesterday has every constitutional right not to appear and this hasn't even been a close legal call. democrats are fuming as a result of that. all right. it is still happening now. continue to watch all this. "outnumbered" starts right now. >> fox news alert. moments ago, president trump making impromptu remarks in the rose garden. now we're watching for reaction from speaker pelosi and minority leader schumer at the capitol at any moment. the minute we get out there, we'll take you to that. the president taking aim at democrats investigations and hitting back after house speaker nancy pelosi accused the president of being involved in present tense in a cover-up. the president saying he doesn't do cover-ups. that was a quote. he unleashed on the mueller investigation saying it was a politically motivated attempt to take down his presidency. watch this. >> i came here to


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